Watertown Bowl

Bumper Bowling League



Our bumper bowling program is designed for children ages 3-6.  We are offering four 9-week sessions on Saturday mornings at 9:00AM at Watertown Bowl 18.


Bumper bowlers bowl 2 games each week with 2 kids on each lane.  Bowling takes about one hour.


Included in the $45.00 fee is:

     *2 games of bowling per week

     *shoe rental

     *bowling buddy (each child gets a stuffed friend

       to cheer them on)

      *party on the last week


Each bowler also gets his own score chart with awards stickers for achievements. (strikes, spares, etc.)


Session 4:  April 7  - June 2 


To sign up call us at

Watertown Bowl 18 at 920-261-1796

or e-mail us at watertownbowl@gmail.com





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